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What I’m Doing Now

 Working on the business I co-founded in 2017, ACHIEVR My role, as CEO and co-founder is pretty much everything but actual coding. This takes up most of my time.

This week one of our customers used our Fire Extinguisher VR Training experience for the first time on a “pay per minute” basis. For me this was very exciting and special as it marks the start of our SaaS business and our opportunity to scale our VR Training products globally.

For the first time in over 26 years, I’ve left the worship team at church. There were many reasons, but musically I’ll be focusing on trumpet with our community band, Harmonix.

Migrating as many friends as I can from WhatsApp. This won’t be a one-off thing, neither will I achieve 100%, but reducing my footprint has to be good.

Pausing DuoLingo for 3 months. Whether I continue with Spanish (on another platform) or accept my progress as done, is still to be decided.

Starting a monthly 48 hour “Business Starter Hackathon” More details to follow, but essentially once per month, myself and colleagues will have 48 hours over a week-end to start a business and make as much money as possible. The first one begins 8pm, Friday 29th Jan 2021 through to 8pm, Sunday 31st Jan. Contact me if you want to take part

Published 13 January 2021

About the Now Page


This is a page inspired by Derek Sivers to highlight what I’m currently focused on. If you have your own website, you may want to do this too, here are the reasons why